YouTube Videos for Punk Bands Come With Many Forms

People often look to YouTube for all kinds off punk rock videos. They know that YouTube is a reliable source because it is not only free to use but also comes with a massive community of people who want to share their ideas with others. This is a popular aspect of YouTube that shows just how interesting it can be for those who want to highlight whatever they have.

There are many YouTube videos dedicated to the punk world. The specific kinds of videos that people can find are especially worth exploring.

Some Stream Music

Many punk bands will stream their music on YouTube. That is, anyone can click on a link to get a stream for a particular song or record that a band wants to highlight. This is typically done by many smaller bands as a means of allowing their work to be exposed. This can potentially get some people to come out to different websites devoted to those bands to learn more about them.

This also encourages people to come out to their shows. Bands often list this music online in conjunction with tours that they are planning so people will hear what they have to offer and then come out to their concerts after a while.

Others Highlight Their Music Videos

The music video is still alive and today people can find many punk rock music videos on YouTube. These videos include ones that people can pay for YouTube views from through These are videos that highlight the music that a band has while also showcasing the interesting attitudes that many bands have when performing.

Live Concert Videos Are Also Included

A live concert video can also be entertaining for all to see. A live video will highlight a band’s concert performance and is often added to YouTube in conjunction with a tour. Some of these videos will highlight of the special activities that take place during a concert while others are just live renditions of some of the most popular songs that many of these artists will perform.

Live videos can be taped in many places and can showcase all sorts of points like actual performances and some of the more improvisational things that might come out of a session. These videos are often entertaining to those who want to see more of their favorite punk bands in action and can really introduce a good band to anyone.

Interviews Are Also Covered

Many punk musicians want to do more than just show of their music on YouTube. They also want to talk about their music, their shows and their influences and beliefs on YouTube. They want to create a human perspective to their music. After all, music is about more than just sounds. It is about the feeling that comes out of the music as it is played and how it sounds based on what one might enjoy showing off.

That’s why many of these musicians will post interviews of themselves on YouTube. These interviews will cover all sorts of aspects of what these musicians do for a living and how they can entertain others in a variety of interesting ways. These interviews are particularly designed to give everyone good ideas into why their music is so interesting and why people should also attend their concerts.

All of these ideas for YouTube videos are very good choices for all kinds of punk bands to get into. Punk bands that want to highlight their work to more people can use YouTube to get their music out there and to become easier for all to notice. It is one of the most popular websites around because it is so easy for people to showcase what they have to offer.

Is YouTube a Good Place For Highlighting Music?

YouTube could be a great place to go on when finding new music. It has its own positives but there are a few issues that have to be explored just as well. All people should see what is open when finding some interesting products that all people could really enjoy having for their use. Here’s a few points, both good and bad, about what YouTube may have to offer.

It’s Easy To Get There

One positive of YouTube being a place for music comes from how it does not take much for people to get onto the site to use it for finding music. In particular, people can easily get on YouTube through a web browser or an online-ready mobile device.

The simple playback materials used by YouTube also makes it easier for people to hear music. The need to download added software will be extremely minimal when getting on the site. Of course, it is best for people to have the most recent editions of web browsers or mobile operating systems in order to actually get access to these videos but most people should already have instant access to YouTube without having to download anything extra to get there.

The World Is Vast

The music world is also very expansive and YouTube offers all sorts of fine options to discover when it comes to listening to music on the site. People can go on the site to discover different artists by simply searching for them on the site’s search engine.

In fact, people are often looking to get themselves onto YouTube. Some artists will do anything to get YouTube views and people can often get YouTube views by contacting others to see their work or to get in touch with companies that can help them boost their channels by a bit.

But What About Legal Points?

There are concerns that come with the legal issues that come with posting videos on YouTube. Many different record labels and artists have expressed concerns with YouTube over the fact that the site is very picky when it comes to legal points. Some people have even been kicked off of the site for posting music videos because they do not meet certain legal standards. This could really be a concern that people should think about.

Some Limits Are Commonplace

Some people may also have limits with regards to what they can post. These include limits on how long some videos can be. As a result, it is often tough for people to post videos of concerts or other performances without having to split their work up into a series of different videos. This can often make it harder for some people to get the exposure that they want.

YouTube can be a great place to check out when it comes to the world of music. Legal issues aside, it can be a fascinating space that includes just about every kind of music in the world. This is a very unique place that all can explore when finding some great types of music to listen to and will really be attractive for all to explore and enjoy listening to.

Five British Punk Bands On The Rise And SEO Tools To Find Them

Punk bands in the UK have not enjoyed much success since the heyday of The Clash and The Sex Pistols, but the UK punk scene has come roaring back. In this article we will look at some of the punk bands on the rise in the UK, and how to use SEO Tools to find how your favorite bands website used to look.

The Cut Ups have been around for awhile, but are now arguably one of the top UK punk bands around. Their songs are fast paced, have an edge to them, and are great to sing along to. Their 2013 album Building Bridges, Starting Here featured a strong lineup of hard charging punk songs.

good throbAnother UK punk band that is making waves these days is Good Throb. The band features singer KY Ellie, and she has a lot to say about feminism. The songs are fast paced, can be crass, but also really rock hard. Do not listen to Good Throb if you are easily offended by juvenile language.

One of the most interesting SEO Tools out there that can be applied to your favorite band’s website is The Wayback Machine. With the Wayback Machine, you can see how your favorite band’s website looked five years ago, compared to how it looks today.

The next amazing United Kingdom Punk Band on the list is amongst the world’s best punk bands period right now. Caves just have an electric sound, and their fast and frenetic pace just makes them fun to listen to. They alternate between a male and female vocalist, who both sound like some of punk’s best magicians.

Caves 2013 album Betterment is definitely a classic. Between the roaring drums, the catchy vocals, and the headbanging songs, Betterment is a must own for UK punk enthusiasts.

Number four on the list is the Great Cynics. These guys mix the power of fun punk songs with the crafty hooks of catchy pop songs. Their debut album Like I Belong, shows that the band has a bit of a cynical maturity about them. Their song Whatever I Want will definitely put you in a good mood after you listen to its uplifting chorus.

bear tradeThe number five UK Punk band on the list is Bear Trade. Bear Trade sounds like the authentic UK punk band that you remember from the 1970′s. They remind me a bit of the Sex Pistols, and proudly boast thick Northern English accents. Bear Trade’s song Bleedin Heart Trouble provides a rebel cry, and will sure to have you raise a glass to the great future of UK punk music today.

With these five great bands The Cut Ups, Good Throb, Caves, The Great Cynics, and Bear Trade the punk scene in the UK is alive and well. Hopefully this will lead to bands in the United States adapting to save rock music as we know it. With the wayback machine you can check out one of the SEO Tools to see how your bands website used to look.

How Elaborate Can a Concert Stage Setup Be?

Live music is always fun to listen to. Sometimes the music just sounds better in a live setting than it does on record. However, the visual effect of the concert setup can truly be worthwhile. The visual effects that come from a show can entail an extensive variety of fascinating things that are worth exploring. These effects include not only a number of lights on the stage but also an elaborate stage setup.

Of course, an artist has the right to make the stage look as unique or simple as one wants. Whatever one wants to get out of a performance, it is often best to take a closer look at the many things that can go into a stage setup.
How Much Metal Work?

Plenty of metal work can be used on a stage setup as a means of holding up lights, props or anything else that might be used for decorative purposes. Sometimes a welding machine with welding gas from is required to help facilitate the process of building a huge stage setup.
What About Lights?

The lighting materials to use for a concert stage can be interesting to find. These can include lights in many colors and may even be paired with some appealing strobe effects or fog machines. These might be ideal to have but it is best to watch for how these are to be used.

The lighting should be reflective of the band and should make things rather visible. However, anything that is too bright or extreme may not be welcome. It is best to be rather cautious when getting anything ready or else it will be rather hard for the band to really look like something that is exciting or fun to watch. The lights must be checked carefully and with enough control to see that the setup being used is sensible and strong for the demands that one might hold.

concert setup
Don’t Forget the Art Work

Good art pieces may be added to a set as well. The art pieces might include something that features a blown up version of an album cover or some other type of art piece that goes alongside the things that were shown on the album cover. A good fabric can be hung at the back of the stage to create a nice backdrop that may be used in the process of showcasing the band that is performing. This can be rather interesting to hold but it is important to see that the art work in question is going to be relevant to the band’s interest and that it will fit in with the overall mood that the band wants to convey.

A concert stage can truly be a great spot to see any band in. This doesn’t mean that any ordinary stage setup will work. Every band or performer needs to think about its image and how it wants to present itself before getting the stage setup ready. If a band is able to figure it out then it should be rather easy for the stage setup to really look as outstanding and unique as possible.

When Did Punk Rock Really Start?

While many people associate punk rock as a genre that really took off in the 1970s, it’s a type of music that has been around for much longer than that. In fact, many of today’s punk bands as well as some of the classics probably would not exist had it not been for some of the pioneers in the field.

The biggest question about punk rock involves just when it first came to be. It’s a form of rock music that has been around for a while but at the same time it can be a real challenge to try and figure out just when it first came around.

Can You Place a Year?

Like with just about every other form of rock music, it is next to impossible trace exactly when punk rock first came to be. Some people argue that the formation of bands such as the Sonics and Question Mark and the Mysterians in the early 1960s were a big part of the formation of punk rock. Others say that the Kingsmen’s 1963 hit Louie Louie was a critical part of the history of the genre as well.

The formation of bands like the Small Faces, MC5, the Velvet Underground and the Stooges were also believed to be important to the history of the genre and all those happened in the middle part of the 1960s.

What is certain is that the music from all these bands exists to this day. The big question is just how important they actually were to the development of punk rock as a whole.

What About 1977?

It is completely understandable when people say that 1977 was a huge year for punk rock. After all, many critical things happened in the genre in that year. Essential acts like Blondie, the Clash, Elvis Costello, the Ramones, Iggy Pop, Suicide, Talking Heads, Television and Wire all had influential albums in that same year.

Still, a number of those acts had released albums of their own in the prior year and had started touring around the same time. Acts like the New York Dolls and the Runaways were pretty prominent at the time as well.

What Qualifies?

It’s hard to determine what qualified as punk rock back in the early days. Some might say that it involved music that was done at a fast tempo. Others would say that it has a raw quality to it where it does not seem to be all that refined or under control. Others might even believe that the music that was done beyond the concepts of what society had planned. These include acts that might have been against the establishment as it was.

One thing is for certain that many acts that foot the bill for those descriptions could be interpreted as early punk musicians. Of course, this is all based on what people in particular think about certain acts.

The fact is that it is hard to figure out exactly when punk rock really started. While it’s clear that 1977 was by far the most important year in the development of the genre, it is a form of music that has still been around since long before then and is only going to continue to evolve as time goes along.

Punk Rock is a Greatly Diversified Genre

While many people have associated punk rock as a genre that is closely associated to people playing in their garages and making quick songs and strong sounds, the fact is that punk rock has diversified itself into so many different forms over the years. It’s amazing how punk rock had expanded over the years and has incorporated many interesting aspects with regards to how it works.

Punk Moves to New Wave

New wave is a style of music that became huge in the 1980s and involved dance-influenced beats and more electronic sounds in a more polished fashion. This became popular with acts like Blondie, Devo, the Cars and the Talking Heads. It’s an interesting way to see how it kind of made punk rock less intimidating but still brought out fans with some dance-worthy rhythms and memorable tunes.

A Darker Tone

Some people went a little darker with their punk rock over time and brought it into the post-punk world. It was a more underground type of music form that brought in the electronic sounds of krautrock with grittier tones. It was highly influential to the development of alternative rock music as well. While there are many great post-punk bands out there, it’s hard to top Gang of Four, Sonic Youth and Joy Division in terms of its development.

Hardcore punk could be seen as another form of punk that really has a darker tone since it is much heavier and often involves more extreme topics that relate to political views. Bands like Fear and Bad Brains certainly fit the bill here.

Anarchist punk rock even took things into a darker tone as it created a real anti-establishment approach to society where the current system is seen as improper and obsolete. Bands like Crass were particularly noteworthy for their views against society and Chumbawamba even told some people to shoplift their albums.

It’s Not Always Dark

It is amazing how punk rock has diversified itself to include some brighter tones. This comes in the form of pop-punk, a style that blends the rough nature of punk music with smoother and cleaner tones that could easily fit in with practically any mainstream radio station. While it’s true that the lyrics of bands like Bad Religion, the Descendents and Green Day are not always complimentary about life and society, they are still packaged in tones that are very enthusiastic and fun to listen to.

A Diverse World

Like with any other form of rock music, punk rock is truly one that has diversified. There are many other forms of punk music to talk about but it would take all day to go through them all. People can talk about the emotional aspects of emo music, the female-led riot grrrl music style or the gay-friendly queercore movement, for instance. There’s also the development of punk rock that has strong country undertones to it as well. Some bands, particularly those in Europe or New England, are even highly influenced by Celtic sounds.

Still, one thing is for certain that punk rock music is going to continue to evolve over time with all sorts of interesting styles that are worth exploring. It is a vast world that is certainly worth exploring.

Can Punk Be Influenced By Other Genres?

Every musical genre can be impacted by one another. It’s amazing how vast the influences of some acts might be based on what they listen to and what they are exposed to the most. Today punk rock can be impacted by a number of different types of genres even if they are far away from what punk originally was made to be.

These are often referred to as fusion genres. While it’s true that they are certainly not for every single person, it’s still amazing to see how all these genres work and how fun they can really be.

A Mix with Metal

Punk and metal have been at it for a while as they’re both different genres. Still, there is no reason why people cannot mix them with one another. Today punk rock can be mixed with metal to create some heavier sounds that especially fit in with both crowds. Of course, marketing it can be a challenge to some but it is one that is worthwhile.

R&B Influences are About

Old-school R&B is often utilized in some forms of punk music as well. The dance-based grooves of old-school tones and the horns in some of these songs may be used in punk music to create dance-worthy sounds. This is especially the case for those who create ska bands. They do this to make their sounds more accessible to those who prefer a more dance-worthy style of punk music.

The World Inspires It All

There are many cases where people are heavily inspired by world music when making punk. This is predominantly the case for those who are originally from particular countries where certain forms of music are popular and also for those who live in areas where the populations of certain people who like particular forms of music are very large. This is especially evidenced in the development of gypsy punk music that uses Eastern European influences or Celtic punk that is highly inspired by Irish music.

A Lighter Style

Not all people who listen to punk and make music are inspired by heavier genres. Some are inspired by country music and have created punk bands that are made with a style and attitude similar to what people head in traditional country songs. In addition, others have made bands that combine folk music with punk rock music.

What About Electronic Music?

Electronic music could be added in some punk bands as well. Electronic music has been utilized by many bands to create some artificial sounds that are futuristic and easy to dance to. The results can vary by each band but the ones that can pull it off the right way are the ones that are really talented and can show off quite a bit of skill in the process.

The amazing thing about punk rock is that it can be influenced by so many different genres. It is truly amazing to see how this form of music can change, especially since it can be next to impossible to figure out just where the genre is going to head into next. This is certainly a type of music that is based off of many other forms of music and is highly entertaining for all to listen to.