Can Punk Be Influenced By Other Genres?

Every musical genre can be impacted by one another. It’s amazing how vast the influences of some acts might be based on what they listen to and what they are exposed to the most. Today punk rock can be impacted by a number of different types of genres even if they are far away from what punk originally was made to be.

These are often referred to as fusion genres. While it’s true that they are certainly not for every single person, it’s still amazing to see how all these genres work and how fun they can really be.

A Mix with Metal

Punk and metal have been at it for a while as they’re both different genres. Still, there is no reason why people cannot mix them with one another. Today punk rock can be mixed with metal to create some heavier sounds that especially fit in with both crowds. Of course, marketing it can be a challenge to some but it is one that is worthwhile.

R&B Influences are About

Old-school R&B is often utilized in some forms of punk music as well. The dance-based grooves of old-school tones and the horns in some of these songs may be used in punk music to create dance-worthy sounds. This is especially the case for those who create ska bands. They do this to make their sounds more accessible to those who prefer a more dance-worthy style of punk music.

The World Inspires It All

There are many cases where people are heavily inspired by world music when making punk. This is predominantly the case for those who are originally from particular countries where certain forms of music are popular and also for those who live in areas where the populations of certain people who like particular forms of music are very large. This is especially evidenced in the development of gypsy punk music that uses Eastern European influences or Celtic punk that is highly inspired by Irish music.

A Lighter Style

Not all people who listen to punk and make music are inspired by heavier genres. Some are inspired by country music and have created punk bands that are made with a style and attitude similar to what people head in traditional country songs. In addition, others have made bands that combine folk music with punk rock music.

What About Electronic Music?

Electronic music could be added in some punk bands as well. Electronic music has been utilized by many bands to create some artificial sounds that are futuristic and easy to dance to. The results can vary by each band but the ones that can pull it off the right way are the ones that are really talented and can show off quite a bit of skill in the process.

The amazing thing about punk rock is that it can be influenced by so many different genres. It is truly amazing to see how this form of music can change, especially since it can be next to impossible to figure out just where the genre is going to head into next. This is certainly a type of music that is based off of many other forms of music and is highly entertaining for all to listen to.

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