Five British Punk Bands On The Rise And SEO Tools To Find Them

Punk bands in the UK have not enjoyed much success since the heyday of The Clash and The Sex Pistols, but the UK punk scene has come roaring back. In this article we will look at some of the punk bands on the rise in the UK, and how to use SEO Tools to find how your favorite bands website used to look.

The Cut Ups have been around for awhile, but are now arguably one of the top UK punk bands around. Their songs are fast paced, have an edge to them, and are great to sing along to. Their 2013 album Building Bridges, Starting Here featured a strong lineup of hard charging punk songs.

good throbAnother UK punk band that is making waves these days is Good Throb. The band features singer KY Ellie, and she has a lot to say about feminism. The songs are fast paced, can be crass, but also really rock hard. Do not listen to Good Throb if you are easily offended by juvenile language.

One of the most interesting SEO Tools out there that can be applied to your favorite band’s website is The Wayback Machine. With the Wayback Machine, you can see how your favorite band’s website looked five years ago, compared to how it looks today.

The next amazing United Kingdom Punk Band on the list is amongst the world’s best punk bands period right now. Caves just have an electric sound, and their fast and frenetic pace just makes them fun to listen to. They alternate between a male and female vocalist, who both sound like some of punk’s best magicians.

Caves 2013 album Betterment is definitely a classic. Between the roaring drums, the catchy vocals, and the headbanging songs, Betterment is a must own for UK punk enthusiasts.

Number four on the list is the Great Cynics. These guys mix the power of fun punk songs with the crafty hooks of catchy pop songs. Their debut album Like I Belong, shows that the band has a bit of a cynical maturity about them. Their song Whatever I Want will definitely put you in a good mood after you listen to its uplifting chorus.

bear tradeThe number five UK Punk band on the list is Bear Trade. Bear Trade sounds like the authentic UK punk band that you remember from the 1970′s. They remind me a bit of the Sex Pistols, and proudly boast thick Northern English accents. Bear Trade’s song Bleedin Heart Trouble provides a rebel cry, and will sure to have you raise a glass to the great future of UK punk music today.

With these five great bands The Cut Ups, Good Throb, Caves, The Great Cynics, and Bear Trade the punk scene in the UK is alive and well. Hopefully this will lead to bands in the United States adapting to save rock music as we know it. With the wayback machine you can check out one of the SEO Tools to see how your bands website used to look.

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