Libra predictions for second semester

Quarter 2:
Much better toned than lately. Thanks to the support of the Sun, you will be able to recover a good dynamism and solid immune defenses. Those of you who are suffering from a chronic illness will see their condition improve, and they will be able to find a more effective treatment.

Quarter 3:
You will have energy and dynamism … for four! Perhaps you will be too much inclined to abuse red meat and spicy dishes, but you will bear them well; There will be no peril in the house. Still, eat enough green vegetables, which should not be overcooked, that is, they must remain somewhat crunchy.

Quarter 4:
You will be in good shape thanks to Jupiter. You will pass through the period with a stubborn tone and a steel morale. This is what you will need to undertake the regime that seems to be necessary. Some of you will even feel comfortable getting involved in a new sporting activity. This is what they will do best, because Jupiter will support them in their efforts and help them easily eliminate their extra pounds.

Quarter 1:
Your financial situation will be stable. You will spend more time and effort on improving your standard of living. Some will get an increase, others will manage to save some savings, simply by better organizing their budget.

Quarter 2:
Good financial prospects thanks to the combined influence of several planets. They will allow you to live with a certain ease and to set up large projects. Ability to deal with foreigners. If you are an artist, this configuration will favor your creativity and especially your success, especially abroad.

Quarter 3:
With this aspect of Mercury, the moment would be well chosen to try to modify your behavior with respect to money. Too often you suffer from impunity, not because you do not earn enough, but because you are spending badly. The most important thing will be to manage your unreasonable cravings: you buy often for the pleasure of buying rather than for that of owning and even less enjoying acquisitions.

Quarter 4:
With Neptune and Uranus in your money sector, you should remain pretty vigilant. These two planets are rather positive, but one must always be wary of possible unforeseen with Uranus, and mistakes in accounts or invoices with Neptune. Everything will be fine if you do not live on the edge of the razor. If you are foreseeing, you will do whatever happens; But the unwary who will empty their bank account will then have some small problems.

Do not forget to consider the general configuration of your Heaven. Indeed, it is by acting in agreement with it that you will put the maximum of chances on your side. This year, it will focus on areas related to self-expression, love and others. Everything will go well for you if you manage to assert your personal desires and needs while taking into account the impact of your action on all those around you: family, spouse and co-workers. The more you strive for a just balance between egoism and generosity, defending your interests and paying attention to the needs of others, the more luck will you be.

Starting from personalized love, you will feel drawn towards a need for dedication to a higher stage. Then turn to social occupations, or devote yourself to spiritual work. As there is nothing in you of the hermit, join a group or association that works for humanitarian causes. Then the astral climate of the year will support you and give you great satisfactions.

Ascendant in Aries: If you have a fixed job, do not be seduced by projects of association that would lead you to the adventure. “Better the sparrow in the hand than the crane that flies in the distance” (Cervantes).

Ascendant to Taurus: You will be able to make excellent financial transactions. You can even consolidate your material situation by considering long-term investments. Given the favorable aspects of Mercury, this year seems to lend itself well.

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