The year of the Dog 2018 is coming soon

Last year, you went through situations that now prompt you to deepen your expectations and pursue your personal evolution in order to bring you closer to your fundamental values. Your audacities last year began to produce fruits and in this year of the Monkey, you will perfect the work by leading it to good term. The sky promotes your free expression and certain concessions risk becoming unbearable but do not show you too much on the defensive either. The right attitude can create profound relational changes this year, they will be supported by the sextile of Dragon Flying, giving you communication facilities.

The Dog was the eleventh animal to come to salute Buddha before he left for the Hereafter. Associated with the western astrological sign of Libra

  • Its eastern element is metal
  • Its direction is the north-west
  • Chinese name Gou
  • Yellow color
  • Yin Polarity
  • Autumn season
  • October Favorable Month
  • Chinese Astrological Signs Tiger, Horse
  • Chinese Dragon Enemy Astrological Signs
  • Qualities Loyalty, Devotion, Honesty, Sincerity, Modesty
  • Defects Pessimism, Concern, Obstinacy, Introversion, Suspicion

He likes: Anxiety movies, to relax; The mystery and the bizarre. .
He does not like: Let him be put before the realities; He has his own and do not want to question them. .
In Love: Turns out to be of a fiery temperament; Tendency to lubricity. .
His desire: To be surrounded, loved, needs tenderness, caresses, fear of loneliness
Finance side: Spending by blows, dramatizes the situation. .

The dog
Honest, Reliable, Diligent, Sensitive, Altruistic, Caring, Moody, Playful, Adventurous
The Dog is loyal, faithful and lives its life in accordance with its own code of ethics. Although very trustworthy, he has difficulty in trusting others. The Dog is a faithful friend and an exceptional ear. He is the protective knight of the Chinese Zodiac ready to fight injustice and to side with the oppressed at all times and in all circumstances.
The dog can be very rigid in its way of thinking and in its behaviors. He also tends to jump in mood and needs time with himself to sulk and revitalize himself. The Dog is slow to give his trust, but with time and evidence that a person is trustworthy, he will be very warm to her.

The Dog needs physical activities to be happy. He will defend any cause he thinks valid.

In his quest for love, the Dog may be his worst enemy. He becomes so anxious when it comes time to initiate the mating ritual that he creates too much stress in the possible partner so that the dance of love is a success.

Favorable jobs:

Priest, monk, labor leader, teacher, volunteer worker, nurse, physician, judge, lawyer, scientist, researcher, social worker, community worker.
Lucky numbers:
1, 4, 5, 9, 10, 14, 19, 28, 30, 41, 45 and 54.
The equivalent Western sign: Libra
Main asset
Fidelity, loyalty.
Large Defect
Pessimistic, anguished, sees things in black.
He likes
Anxiety films, to relax; The mystery and the bizarre. .
He does not like
Let him be put before the realities; He has his own and do not want to question them. .
In love
Turns out to be of a fiery temperament; Tendency to lubricity. .
His desire
Being surrounded, loved, needs tenderness, caresses, fear of loneliness. .
Finance side
Spending by blows, dramatizes the situation. .

The dog is a worried one. Still on the defensive, he never rests. He keeps constantly on the alert, keeps … The dog is shut up. He only expresses himself seldom and only when he considers it necessary. He is stubborn and knows what he wants. Often cynical, he is feared for his harsh and unpleasant remarks.

The dog will sometimes tend to drown in details, to criticize at all times and irrelevant, to seek the fault in a systematic way. In reality he is a great pessimist and he expects nothing from life. Visit an interesting chinese astrology website and find out more about the year of the dog.

Against injustice, he always reacts with courage. He is a bit blase, but his critical spirit, his sense of ridicule and his undeniable grandeur of soul save him from pettiness.

This associal being hates crowd gatherings. Sentimentally it looks pretty cold, but this.

The dog inspires confidence and this trust is deserved. He always does his best for others and his devotion can go as far as self-denial. People generally hold it in high esteem. They are right because he deserves it.

Throughout history, the champions of justice have always been dogs. Any injustice revolts the dog and he will not take rest until he has done everything to remedy it. (Brigitte Bardot, born in 1934, campaigned for animals in slaughterhouses.) The dog suffers from breakdowns, unemployment, wars, bombings, suffering from hunger in the world, He suffers for what has happened, for what is happening or what is likely to happen. Fortunately the dog rarely becomes the champion of stupid causes … because, thanks to his relentlessness, he almost always prevails.

This philosopher, this moralist, this man of the left, is not interested in money. He is generous and disinterested. Whether it is dog luxury or dog mes, it is always a little “bell” and easily happens from the material comfort. Even if he takes advantage of it, he does not have the taste for luxury. However, if he happens to have an urgent need for money, he is better than anyone who can get it.

. This loyal dog will make a good leader in the industry, an active trade unionist, a priest, an educator. But whatever his profession, he will have in him a deep and often original ideal, He will know how to handle men if it is necessary and the great nations would be wise to attach such men, for no one has like them Such a power of work and such righteousness combined with so little personal ambition.

Heart side

In love also the dog is honest and lucid. He will have sentimental problems throughout his life. Besides, it provokes them by its instability and perpetual anxiety.

The stages of his life

The three phases of the dog’s life will be marked by instability. Childhood anxious, difficult youth, mature age blasé and defeatisst in front of the work to be accomplished, old age full of regrets not having accomplished enough.

However, the dog born during the day will be quieter than the dog born at night. It is the night indeed that the dog keeps the house. Always on the alert, the ear on the watch, he will not cease barking to remove the intruders and will not find rest. A dog’s life…

General climate

The astral configurations indicate that generosity will be the best way this year. The natives of the sign will have no choice: everything they undertake for their personal benefit will prove rather disappointing, while on the contrary, when they act in the light of others, everything will succeed! So, why hesitate? It is especially in the context of their work that the natives will doubtless have to choose between egoism and altruism, personal ambition and participation in a collective project. Some of them may have to choose between personal triumph and a less rewarding orientation, but they can work for the good of all.

To make the most of the astral influences of the year, put yourself in harmony with the star Thieu Duong. Concretely, on a professional level, give priority to your wishes. It would not help you to continue in a way that you dislike. Do not act lightly, of course: there is no question of leaving a stable and remunerative job at a time when the unemployment rate is still high! But try to give yourself the means to direct your activity in a direction that suits you better. In terms of health, you will be interested throughout the year in taking care of you: adopt a healthy lifestyle at the beginning of the year, without waiting to be sick.